Do not sell my personal data

At Frontier Developments, we're focused on developing and publishing great videogames, not selling data. To give you the best gaming experience, we may share your information with third parties to serve you offers for Frontier products and services.

Frontier gives you the ability to disable targeted advertising provided by third-party partners at any time by using our existing privacy controls. If you want to know more about our sharing activities, please read our Privacy Policy.

To control whether your data will be shared for marketing purposes on Frontier Websites (e.g.,,, you can control the cookies and similar tracking technologies by reviewing guidance found in the Privacy Policy. If you have already set your preferences, you can change them following the same guidance.

If you or your legally authorized agent need help, do not have an account, or would like to submit an opt-out notice to us directly, please contact Frontier at; alternatively, complete the form below:

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