Elite Dangerous: Beyond - Chapter Three

Published on: Thu, 23/08/2018 - 2:00pm

At Gamescom we announced the key details on what’s coming to Elite Dangerous in the Beyond - Chapter Three update for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on 28 August.

Beyond - Chapter Three is headlined by a new ship, a selection of sleek new Guardian Fighters, and some mysterious new Guardian Beacons hidden in the depths of the galaxy.

A shiny new Guardian Fighters trailer, plus more assets for Beyond - Chapter Three, can be found here. Further details on each of these key additions are below:

The Alliance Crusader

A new member of the Alliance ship group, the Crusader acts as a midpoint between the existing Chieftain and Challenger ships. The Crusader sports one key difference, its very own Fighter bay.

Guardian Fighters

Retro engineered from researching new Guardian technology blueprints, these fighters are fast, agile and pack a real punch for players looking to take on the encroaching Thargoid. They come in three variants:

  • The Trident, armed with a Plasma Charger
  • The Javelin, armed with a Shard Launcher
  • The Lance, armed with a Gauss Projector

Guardian Beacons

New Guardian Beacons hidden in the galaxy contains all kinds of secrets for players to discover. Guardian Beacons also contain new blueprints, the means to unlocking Beyond - Chapter Three’s new Guardian Fighters.

As well as the above, players will also be able to get their hands on new planetary Wing Missions, Engineers in Colonia and a dozen new weapons for their ships. A full rundown is available in our Forum post here.

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