Create your own classic-style amusement parks with Planet Coaster's Vintage Pack

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Published on: Wed, 18/07/2018 - 10:17am

Are you longing to revisit traditional fairgrounds or old-school theme parks? Do you enjoy a more classic look in your parks, combined with the smell of popcorn and gumballs?

Take your guests on a nostalgic journey with the brand new Vintage Pack, OUT NOW! The latest paid content pack is filled to the brim with Victorian touches and a timeless charm.

We're welcoming two wooden coasters to the family: the Zephyrus, a high-speed wooden coaster with a tarnished charm; and the Aces Sky, which negotiates a large wooden pipe with biplane styled cars moving sideways through it. We've also got five new rides for you to expand your parks with! Round The World, combining gentle and spinning motions of a ferris wheel with the insanity of spinning, inverting gondolas; Loop Da Loop, a twin cabin inverting swinger from the 1930s; Test Flight, an inverting plane ride which the guests can control; Hurricane, twisting and turning action as a fairground staple; and Centrum, classic carnival ride which spins at high speeds at a thrilling 50 degrees!

We've got four new Vintage machines your guests can have a play with. The Gumball and Popcorn stands bring a true vintage flair to your parks, with guests being able to purchase these treats directly. The Vintage Crane machine is a new way of getting your guests trying their luck to get some lovely park merchandise, and the famous Zoltan will predict your future. You are in charge of the probability of these machines, like how likely it is to win a prize or how positive the guests' fortunes are...

Then there's a whole new set of vintage-themed scenery and wall sets, Victorian pillars, decorative trimmings and lightbox lettering, and animal statues. For the ultimate fairground flair, you can add a barbershop quartet or some highly skilled trapeze artists!

Again, all of this is part of the new Vintage Pack - but don't forget this release is paired with the free update containing in-game branded vending machines, recolourable staff members, scenery grouping, and filters. We've also added a free wooden coaster - the Mouse Hunt, a historic wooden mouse coaster preserved forever in the game - and a planter set with new plants to decorate your parks!

The Planet Coaster Vintage Pack is completely optional for you to purchase - you can get it from Steam of the Frontier Store for £7.99 ($10.99, €10.99). Please note that you need to have the Planet Coaster base game in order to download and play this extra content.

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