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Planet Coaster - Crowd Management (1/3)

Published on: Mon, 03/07/2017 - 4:31pm

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Planet Coaster - Crowd Management : Using Data to Generate Dynamic Crowd Audio (PART 1)

Planet Coaster is about building and managing the world’s greatest coaster parks and sharing your creativity with the world. It is Frontier’s most ambitious, technically advanced simulation game to date. Planet Coaster’s community has taken the game and run with it, sharing over 100,000 creations on the game’s Steam Workshop, and the game has seen multiple updates since its launch with further updates on the way.

Cleaner with our park guests

At the centre of Planet Coaster are our park guests. They explore user-created parks in tremendous numbers and express their feelings and moods with beautifully realised animation, giving players an at-a-glance gauge of their park’s success. Not only are they the audio and visual soul of the park, they form the lifeblood of our one-to-one simulation of the coaster park experience. Without those guests, nobody is riding the rides, paying for hamburgers, visiting the bathrooms, or filling the park with life. Each one has money in their pocket, opinions and preferences, and the ability to judge your scenery and rides based on their own tastes.

In Planet Coaster, just like in the real world, a coaster park is about the human experience. Even over the roar of the rides and the pop of the fireworks, we hear when guests are exhilarated, scared, and overjoyed. Capturing the real sound of park guests in a coaster park has reshaped Frontier’s approach to audio implementation, and over three blog posts we would like to walk you through it.  

coaster at night


When we began writing a blog detailing the audio in Planet Coaster for Audiokinetic, we decided to concentrate on our crowd-Soundbox system. Even with such a specific focus, the blog grew to a 4,000 word article!  We’re very grateful to Audiokinetic for letting us split our in-depth explainer into multiple parts, and we hope you find it useful for your present and future projects.

  • Part 1.   Scaling Ambition
  • Part 2.   The Crowd Soundbox System
  • Part 3.   Additional Layers


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