If you have a unique idea for a product or service that incorporates any part of the Elite Dangerous or Planet Coaster brand, you may apply for a licence for public distribution

Please outline your proposal in as much detail as possible and include any market data, distribution plans, pricing research and additional information to demonstrate your idea is viable and you have the capacity to produce it successfully.

Should you be designated as one of our licensees, you will be able to use official proprietary assets (images, music, logos, names, etc.) and carry the 'officially licensed product' seal of approval. Your product will be featured in a curated newsletter and posts to our community members.

Please note that any requests that violate either game’s EULA or are already available/planned for distribution by Frontier will be rejected.

License Request Form

Currently we are only accepting requests relating to the Elite Dangerous franchise. Please check back post-launch for applications regarding our upcoming franchise Planet Coaster
Give a brief description of the product you plan to create
Files must be less than 800 KB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png pdf.
Give a brief outline of how you propose to sell or distribute the product, please provide links to stores or websites

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