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BBC Newsnight debate on using technology to help the deaf

20th Aug 2012

Frontier's David Braben contributed to a fascinating debate on the BBC's 'Newsnight' television programme that exposed some… read more

Frontier opens new game development studio in Nova Scotia, Canada

7th Aug 2012

Cambridge, UK, based Frontier Developments Ltd. (‘Frontier’) today announced it is opening a new game development… read more

Join us at Brains Eden

18th Jun 2012

Frontier is proud to be sponsoring this year’s Brains Eden event, in conjunction with other game developers in the… read more

LostWinds Soundtrack & Ringtone now available

15th Jun 2012

The LostWinds Soundtrack EP is also available now in iTunes, containing six tracks that are taken from both games featuring… read more

Kinectimals comes to Android!

14th Jun 2012

We are delighted to report that our Kinectimals smartphone game is now available for Android devices. The game requires Android… read more

LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias Released on the Apple App Store Today!

10th May 2012

The award-winning, enchanting ‘LostWinds’ adventure continues! Lostwinds 2 is available on the App Store now A… read more

Frontier, Apple and Starbucks team up to offer free downloads of LostWinds!

7th May 2012

Frontier’s award-winning, enchanting ‘LostWinds’ is the featured free iTunes download in this week’s… read more

LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias announced for iOS

4th May 2012

LostWinds2: Winter of the Melodias Coming to the App Store - Frontier's season switching sequel is set to light up… read more

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The Games Changer

6th Jan 2017

Frontier's C.O.O. David Walsh discusses changing business models, the games makret and the future of the entertianment… read more

Space Is The New World War II - Frontier's C.O.O. David Walsh discusses the re-emergence of space in gaming.

30th Jul 2015

Frontier's C.O.O. David Walsh discusses the re-emergence of Space in gaming in this LinkedIn post. SPACE IS THE… read more

What Have We Become? Frontier's C.O.O. considers how best to describe Frontier as it evolves

4th Jun 2015

Frontier's C.O.O. considers how best to describe the company as it continues to evolve in this Linked In post:   What… read more

Frontier: 240 people and still indie

17th Jun 2014

I recently spoke to GamesIndustry International about Frontier's current hiring drive and our people-centric culture: It's… read more

So Amazon's launch of Fire TV is a 'non-event', is it?

7th Apr 2014

It was surprising to see the analyst consensus characterising last week's Amazon Fire TV launch as a 'non-event'. Amazon… read more

Why IPO? Frontier's C.O.O. David Walsh discusses the background to Frontier's recent market listing

26th Jul 2013

I’m writing in the 'aftermath’ of speaking to the games industry media at the ‘Develop’ conference… read more

Advertising Cowboys and the new Wild West

20th Apr 2012

Advertisers are leaving traditional channels in droves and moving to the internet, and becoming a lot more aggressive as… read more

Universal Apps

29th Feb 2012

‘Universal Apps’ on Apple’s App Store are great. As we all know the same app works across iPhone, iPad… read more

Kids and Call of Duty

23rd Jan 2012

I'm sure we have all seen it or heard about it; kids of 12 or so – or even primary school ages - playing Call of Duty:… read more

Taxation as a Tool

28th Dec 2011

Taxation has been used as a tool by governments through the ages to encourage particular types of behaviour, and to discourage… read more

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