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UI Developer

Frontier is seeking to hire exceptional GUI Developers with a passion for creating amazing games.

The ideal candidate will have 2 or more years experience preferably in games, but other UI orientated industries useful (such as web).

Be a visually orientated coder, interested in working closely with artists to produce visually rich looking interfaces and have broad experience working with and extending existing UI framework (WFP, Flash/Flex, Kendo etc).

Required Skills

  • Advanced Actionscript 3.0 Knowledge.
  • Familiarly with Adobe’s Flash Player.
  • Good knowledge of tools pipeline for asset creation (primarily Adobe CS).
  • Experience using Scaleform.
  • LUA language experience.
  • Comfortable with 3D transformations.
  • Awareness of how 3D graphics are rendered.
  • Experience working on mobile platforms.

Salaries offered will depend on skills & experience.

If you have what it takes to be part of our team, please apply by email (including a CV and any code samples/demos) to guideveloperjobs@frontier.co.uk

Emails bigger than 20 Mbyte (including attachments) will be automatically rejected.

Preference will be given to EU citizens. Salaries offered will depend on skills & experience.

We are not looking for applicants who wish to work from home, or on a freelance basis.

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