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Core Technology Programmer

We are recruiting experienced programmers for various technology and tools team areas such as: networking, 3D graphics, audio, animation, physics, networking, AI, platform specific low level code and optimization.

We currently have several exciting cutting-edge projects encompassing a range of genres.  We have a reputation for technological innovation and our programmers get involved in all aspects of system architecture, design and implementation, bringing an extremely high standard of professionalism to the development of all our games, and fully contribute to a dynamic, creative and fun environment, working with advanced technology on the leading games consoles.

Your background

  • Either a good degree, or solid track record, in Computer Science, Maths or Physics
  • Possible specialisation in one of the following fields: networking, 3D graphics and shaders, animation, physics, AI, audio, networking, low-level code and optimization
  • Industry experience is not essential, but passion and enthusiasm are

Your skills

  • Advanced understanding of C++ and object oriented programming
  • Well organized, and capable of code design
  • Experience of DirectX Graphics, console toolchains, GUI APIs, LUA scripts, or ASM are also useful
  • Familiarity with Console development / Networking / Multi-Threading / Modern PC development is a plus
  • Good communication

We have in-house platform abstraction libraries, using a PC development environment to target the major consoles. Game programmers write platform independent game code using our in-house game engine and technology, while engine and tool teams work on company-wide technology and lower level target specific, optimized code.

If you have what it takes to be part of our team, please apply by email (including a CV and any code samples/demos) to

Emails bigger than 20 Mbyte (including attachments) will be automatically rejected.

Preference will be given to EU citizens. Salaries offered will depend on skills & experience.

We are not looking for applicants who wish to work from home, or on a freelance basis.