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The Race to the Bottom and Beyond

There is a part of our industry that is very fashion-led. It follows bandwagons. A successful game or business technique… read more

15th Aug 2011

"What can we learn from the PSN hack attack?" by David Braben

  The hacking of the Playstation Network is a very bad thing for our industry as a whole; not just Sony. I'm sure we… read more

14th Jul 2011

"The Six Year Console Cycle? Is it Dead?" by David Braben

Since about 1982 there has been a generational update of multi-purpose games machines, starting with 8 bit machines like… read more

14th Jun 2011

"Real Shows vs Virtual Shows" by David Braben

  We’re at that time of year when we prepare shiny demos for the all important E3 show; where buyers for the… read more

14th May 2011

"Death of the $50M game?" by David Braben

We’ve just had the excellent film BAFTA and Oscars awards, with a healthy spread of high budget epic films and low… read more

14th Apr 2011

"Ownership" by David Braben

People just don’t ‘get’ ownership. When we buy a house on a plot of land, we don’t own the mineral… read more

14th Mar 2011

"Tax Breaks – An Angry Rant" by David Braben

This whole topic has gone on and on, seemingly endlessly. Political parties have wasted our time by courting us prior to… read more

14th Feb 2011

"Reviewers – they can’t win!" by David Braben

As developers, we all like to bemoan the odd game review from time to time, because the games are close to our hearts, and… read more

17th Jan 2011

"Why I hate “Trolls” by David Braben

Of course I mean “Patent Trolls” and “Trademark Trolls” – the term given to people who sit… read more

20th Dec 2010

"Guns for Hire vs Companies?" by David Braben

As many know, I like to draw parallels with the film business, but here is an example that I think doesn’t work well. In… read more

15th Nov 2010

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